Environmental Threats

Check back here as we work to address the following questions: 

What are the environmental threats to coral reefs, their associated habitats and resident species? How do the types and scales of effects vary from local to global? What characteristics make reefs vulnerable? Which particular problems are more common in which areas of the globe? What human and political contexts endanger reefs?  Which species are the most heavily impacted and why?

The Effects of Oil Spills on Marine Wildlife and its Ecosystem by Audrey Boraski

Exotic Fish as Pets: Does it Make Any Sense? by Audrey Boraski

The Effects of Coral Bleaching by Simone McEwan

Noisy Oceans Affecting Marine Life by Alana Olendorf

Ocean Acidification by Jamie Marsh

Effects of Plastics on Marine Life by Alana Olendorf

The Warming Ocean by Marisa Benjamin

The Red Tide by Alana Olendorf

Is Global Warming Real? by Haley Zanga

Spring Break, Fun or Harmful? by Alana Olendorf

Coral Mining by Haley Fantasia

Unsustainable Fishing by Jamie Marsh

What’s the Fishue with Sharks? by Will Trautmann

Shark Week, Entertainment or Education? by Marisa Benjamin

Screencast 2: Overfishing by Haley Zanga, Audrey Boraski and Alana Olendorf

Misconceptions in Oceanic Movies by Audrey Boraski

The Impact of Bycatch by Marisa Benjamin

Aquaculture, helpful or hurtful? by Will Trautmann

The Invasive Lionfish by Haley Zanga

Ocean Dumping by Marisa Benjamin

Coral Bleaching by Haley Fantasia

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